Waitaha Air Gathering 2018

in Aotearoa New Zealand

2018 is a wonderful year of change. it is the year of Tawhirimatea, great Demi-god of the Weather and the human Mind. Our Elder Ancestors used this Demi-God to portray our Minds Eye when we were walking in Chaos, frustration, anger and all of the emotions that beset us in our daily lives. As well as personifying the various states of the weather, especially the huge storms that touch our Grandmother Earth 

The year is part of the cascading years that allow our Nation to deliver the fifty years reports every two years from each report into our Wananga, thus giving the learned men and women to take time out to write, read and comprehensively report on the various parts of human life that they studied.

The councilors reported on the cycle of the varying degrees of change that they have observed in their clients/patients, giving their communities a glimpse into the state and wellbeing of the community at large and the varying degrees of success that they encountered along the fifty year studies of the behavior of those that came to them for counselling.

The weather forecasters with some degree of theory set about constructing graphs and slideshows to enable the communities to view the 
cyclical storms, rains, snows, ice, frosts, and all other pertinent data that applied to the fifty years of Tawhirimatea Weather Cycles.

All these reports and calculations over many decades have shown that the cycles that we construct in theory are never anywhere close to the reality of the behavior of this rather indifferent Demi-God.

We are looking forward with great anticipation for the coming speakers' events, where we believe a great deal of learning and reviewing can be done all in the one sacred space, The Kohewhata Marae in Mangakahia Road, Kaikohe, Northland. 


Return of the Ancient Air Ceremonies

5th-14th October 2018 in North Island New Zealand

The elder teachers believed that the wind god was responsible for all the changes of the weather and the seasons. It was this Demi God that made all of the changes of the seasons and who exercised total control sometimes out of control weather patterns, although our elder teachers did notice that the long term visioning was indeed of a pattern that should be written into our future. 

This gave rise to many languages and many scholars trying to hold the information for millennia as opposed to short term for there were too many variables in the calculations. This was in relation to the human short lived species into this time.

Our teachers also noticed that the weather patterns indeed disturbed the minds of many and especially in the prevailing north west winds of the Canterbury plains which sometimes drove our people to very chaotic behavior and thus those who were affected by these winds were generally taken into the far north of Aotearoa to get away from the North West Winds.

With this being noticed over many thousands of years our people then accorded this Demi God with the powers of being able to disrupt the minds eye and many theories were propounded around these events.

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Deadline:31th August 2018

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Special Guests Profile

Raymond TeKorako Ruka

Kahu o nga Maunga Tapu o Te Taiao
Raymond TeKorako Ruka
Messenger of the Sacred Kowhai Teachings of Peace
Son of Waitaha

Raymond was born in 1951, in one of the Valley’s of Te Whatu Manawa o Hotu, a Range in Taitokerau, Aotearoa, New Zealand. This Range is commonly called the Brynderwyn Hills.

He was given two additional names: Kahu o nga Maunga Tapu o Te Taiao, by the Grandfather TeRauwhero meaning, The Hawk that watches over the sacred mountains of the Universe. The beloved Grandmother TeRangapu TeWera, named him, Uenuku mai Tawhiti, The 1st Rainbow. The Granny and Granpa who named him were two of the most significant teachers in his life.

He travels throughout the Continental United States speaking on Peace and the Matriarch, using as his guiding, teaching principles the wisdoms of his ancient matriarchal people, the Nation of Waitaha, the Water Carriers.

He has sat with renowned teachers from the four directions, but when the time comes, returns home to Aotearoa NZ, to sit in circle with his beloved, grumpy Granny’s.

Raymond had a catastrophic accident in 1985 and suffered severe injuries that he was not expected to survive.  The severity of the injuries resulted in paraplegia and he has said that the wheelchair has been his greatest teacher.

For the last 20 years, Raymond has been living in the United States of America with his wife Jenny.

Raymond’s talk is Titled, Tawhirimatea, and those storm winds of the mind, heart and spirit.

Catherine Shainberg

Catherine Shainberg is a transpersonal psychologist, healer, visionary and teacher with a private practice in New York City. In her 40 years’ experience she has taught thousands of students around the world and created revolutionary tools for clearing physical and emotional disorders.

Catherine trained as an art historian at the Sorbonne and at the School of the Louvre, earned her Masters in both schools and was a consultant for UNESCO. In 1972 Catherine moved to Israel, where she converted to Judaism and spent 10 years studying the Kabbalah of Light in Jerusalem with Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, a renowned kabbalist, mystic and teacher. Catherine also studied with the Rav Zerbiv, head rabbi of Oran, Algeria and the Rav Kook, son of the first Great Rabbi of Israel, the most revered kabbalist of the 20th century.
From 1972 to 1982, Catherine taught at Hebrew University, at the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem and founded the Center for Jewish Movement. In 1981, Catherine moved to New York City. She earned a PhD in psychology and co-founded—with her late husband, David Shainberg, MD and Professor John Briggs — an exploration of dialogue that became the foundation for physicist David Bohm’s famous “Dialogue Groups.” In 1982, Catherine founded The School of Images®, dedicated to teaching the revelatory dream and kavanah (intent) techniques of the ancient Sephardic Kabbalah tradition.

Over the last forty years, Catherine has designed and developed modern applications for this ancient science . In thousands of cases her method has proved effective in catalyzing creative manifestation at all levels, in all areas of life, whether personal or professional, communal or global. Her life commitment is to teach and promote dreaming as the way to health, success, abundance and joy, and as one of the great paths to enlightenment.

She is the author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming: Awakening the Visionary Life (published by Inner Traditions), Genesis and Movement (not in print) and DreamBirth: Transforming the Journey of Childbirth Through Imagery Life (published by Sounds True). Catherine lives in New York City. She conducts imagery and dreaming workshops internationally.

School of Images 【http://www.schoolofimages.com/】

 Hiroki Okano

Musician, Sound artist
Hiroki Okano debuted in the world in 1990 from German record company IC DIGIT.
His ambient music expressed in his Japanese sensibility has also been widely introduced in European and American media. Solo, group albums released so far have over 30 works.
Many appeared also at outdoor festivals both in Japan and abroad.

As a life work, he has performed performances at sacred places in the world, natural heritage sites, famous shrines and temples all over the country for many years. Other activities include sound art production, offering music to movies and television programs, music supervision for various events, and a wide range of activities.

 Recent activities include “RIMPA Festival" (2015 / Kyoto National Museum) music director and performance. The 41st "Nursery Festival" (2017 / Kagawa) music director and performances of the main attractions such as the crown prince of Japan attended.Music director of film "PEACE NIPPON"  (2018) expressed about Japanese spirituality.
 Kagawa Prefecture Culture and Art Award Winner.


Elder Roy Littlesun

(85 – born in Java) is a son of East and West. This inner-Connection have set the Basis for his “Earth-Mission”. At age 14 the Sky gave a Sign, showing at midday the Moon with a Star in the center. 

Since then Roy went West, to meet with the Hopi where he made the Alliance with Elder Titus Qomayumptewa, who adopted him as his son. Titus gave Roy the last Hopi Message in relationship with the East-West Union, of which the Pacific is the Meeting area.

 Roy’s Oneheart Message/Teaching includes the Underlying Cosmology about the Pacific Union = Peace. Pacific…to “Pacify”.

Waitaha Elder Te Porohau Ruka Te Korako

Born in Arapawa New Zealand, 1943 at the time when most of the magic of the ancestors was being driven underground by the European Churches and The Department of Education.

Te Porohau was a student of his Grandfathers William Nehua Karupatene Ruka Te Korakora and Perenara Hone Harris. The extent of this studentship enabled Te Porohau to see and to hear of the mysteries and secrets of the world of his ancestors, faithfully keeping the secrets for his own children and mokopuna to learn and to hear, thus passing the knowledge on into the future of the Waitaha Nation.

Waitaha Grandfather Council【http://www.waitaha1.com/437903720】

Junko Nakatani

In 1994 she created a business called Parallel World that encompassed Healer Training Courses, a special course that concentrated on breathing techniques that enabled students to improve lung capacity using ancient methods of body control and knowledge of the physiology. She has run Seminars with International Guest Speakers. Along with all of this concentrated healing work.
In 2010 she launched with the Japanese Communities, support for the Sacred Church of Waitaha, enabling the leasehold of a Centre in Kaikohe, that supports a small Temple prayer place for Buddhist pilgrims and runs support network for homeless families throughout Northland, New Zealand.
In 2014 she became a member of the Executive Council of Elders of Waitaha Council a status of honor for the work that she has done for the Nation of Waitaha.

Parallel World   【http://www.parallel-world-healing.com/】
Waitaha Japan  【https://waitahajapan8.blogspot.jp/】